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Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing single teeth or multiple teeth using bridges. They are made of either Ceramic (zirconium oxide) or Titanium. We make every effort to avoid using metal in the mouth however it is not always possible to use ceramic implants and we will discuss this with you in detail.


  • The implant and crown is free standing so that it does not rely on other teeth. It is as much like a natural tooth as we can achieve.
  • It can look very natural if there is enough bone and gum to support it. Sometimes grafting (or adding bone) is required.


  • Bone grafting may be required if there is insufficient bone to put the implant into.
  • Smoking reduces success rates.
  • Success rates depend on the site in the mouth.
  • Regular maintenance and excellent homecare is required. Guarantees apply when visits to the dental hygienist allow for monitoring what is happening in your mouth 6 monthly.

There is a risk of failure when the teeth are subjected to grinding forces especially at night. A bite splint helps to reduce these forces.

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